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Dans Karagannis is a writer + director + photographer whose work studies niche communities and the evolution of ragtag non-conforming cultures in Los Angeles. Best exemplified by Dans’ feature directorial debut, INSOMNIA!, and her fine art photography book debut, VENICE -- each slated for 2021. INSOMNIA! has been the recipient of mentorships, accepted into filmmaker labs, a finalist in fellowships and contests, and has taken her across the globe to the European Film Market. While VENICE  had a strong year+ gallery run in partnership with ART SHARE L.A.

Dans earned a Master of Arts from New York University. Professionally straddling the art and film industries, she has developed incredible relationships with mentors in both fields; celebrated fine artist Maurizio Pelligrin, script doctor Pilar Alessandra, and producer Paul Miller. Her third narrative short film GROUND CONTROL debuted in 2019 and will soon be joined by her fourth, DAMNED IF YOU DO, which is being produced in partnership with the globally renowned art organization, KANEKO. Additionally Dans has lensed 100+ musicians such as Brian Wilson, Karen O, Duran Duran, Pink, Deftones, The Used, Spoon, Adolescents, and The Drums. 

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